Giant Video Games Auction!!!

Welcome to the 2017 Video Games Auction

160+ Games are Auctioned!!



a) the auction is open From Monday 9th of October  until the Thursday 9nd of November, 11:59 AM (The Hague time), any bid received afterwards is liable to be dismissed

b) all bids have to be sent to Thibaut Gagin (preferably through and should indicate the item and the maximum bid at that time

c) bids are by increment of 1€

d) this page will be regularly refreshed to indicate the current highest bidder (and to the maximum extend, you shall be told if you are losing this position), until 11Am of the last day of the Auction.

e) Thibaut Gagin is and shall remain the final authority for the procedure.

Here is the PDF list: 2017-D3 – auctionCiteNPLDOCS

Below is the list for quick reference (click on the image if it is blurry)


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