About Us

What is the Amicale Games Club?

1.- The Amicale Games Club is a social network.
By joining the club and participating in its events, you will make contact with other people interested in all kind of games and related activities. As you meet more and more people, you’ll get to know those who share your interests and you’ll be able to play games in our regular venue (usually, the Hobby Room) and/or organise your own private gaming sessions with your buddies.

2.- The Amicale Games Club is a Ludotheek.
By pooling resources, we have built (and keep building) an extensive Ludotheek from which people (specially members) may borrow and try new games at home (specially interesting for borrowing Kids’ games), try different games. Please check the pages of the appropriate sections to see what we have in our catalogue.

3.- The Amicale Games Club organizes events.
The Amicale Games Club organises many events during the year: tournaments, game presentations and general events. These events are usually organised/presented by the committee members, but that does not necessarily need  to be the case. If you want to organise anything under the umbrella of the club, please contact the members of the Committee and let us know what you want to organize. We’ll try to help you with time and financial resources within the means of the club.


How can I contact you?

You may contact us by email or by approaching one of the committee members.

You can also look at our agenda to find out when and where we meet. Our main playing venue is the Hobby Room (ext. 4213) by the squash courts, though depending on the room schedules we sometimes play elsewhere, such as the Committee Room on the top floor.

And of course, if you wish to join the club, you can just follow the information on the membership page.