In case you would like to sell some boardgames of your personal collection or buy from other members, this is the place for that !

Just go ahead and put your advertisement!

To do so please send an email to Renaud or Beni with the name of the game and its version (you can find it on boardgamegeek) and the price you intend to sell/buy it.

Please note that:

  • This page will be updated as often as possible.
  • The boardgames are listed in alphabetical order.
  • This a business between two private persons who happen to be members of the Club. Neither the Club itself nor any of the persons taking care of this page can be held responsible for any misconduct or problem associated with any one of the transactions effected.

For sale

– Batavia – Multilingual 2008 – Ciro : 5 €

– League of Six – English Edition 2008 – Renaud  : 5 €

– Level 7, Omega Protocol – English edition 2013, still wrapped – José : 40€

– Moderne Zeiten – German 2002 – Ciro : 5 €

– Santiago de Cuba – English edition 2011, still wrapped – José : 15€