The Loaded Dice

The Loaded Dice

The Loaded Dice (TLD) is the boardgames section of the Amicale Games Club. It was its first section and was funded in 2004. This section deals with boardgames, card games, role-playing games and miniature games.

If you become a member of the Loaded Dice, you will be able to:

  1. help us expand our already extensive collection of games by suggesting additions to our main Ludotheek and our Kids Ludotheek.
  2. borrow games from the Ludotheek and the Kid’s Ludotheek.
  3. use the scenery of the club for your miniature games in our regular venue, the Hobby Room.
  4. participate in our tournaments at a discount. We try to organise 2-3 tournaments every year.
  5. get in contact with people interested in similar games.

Depending on the type of games you enjoy most, you may contact the following people, so that they can introduce you other persons interested in the same type of games:

  • General boardgames: David Domínguez, Renaud Lecoutre
  • Eurogames: Daniel Kazaniecki, Jean Lapeyrere
  • Wargames: José Luis Meseguer, Ciro Pernice
  • Miniature games: Beni Megido, José Luis Meseguer
  • Role-playing games: José Beltrán, José Luis Meseguer
  • Magic: Stefan Linden, Richard Lachmann, José Luis Serrano

Finally, we also organise regular gaming days and presentations in the Hobby Room. Please subscribe to the blog (lower left corner of the main page) to receive news and updates for these events.

There is also a list of presenters of particular games, so that you can directly get in contact with them to organise a game. You will receive updates of this list if you subscribe to the blog, and you can also find it by searching the “presentations” tag.

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