Card Games

Our Ludotheek

In the club we have many card games, mostly of the deckbuilding and Living Card Game types. You can borrow them following the same rules as for the Boardgames.

Please check our Ludotheek to see our collection.

Contact Persons

For general questions related to this type of games, you may contact David Domínguez and/or José Luis Meseguer.
For particular games, please contact the following persons:

  • DominionDavid Domínguez (9855)
  • Lord of the Rings LCG: José Luis Meseguer (3312)
  • Magic: Stefan Linden, Richard Lachmann (2148), José Luis Serrano (3705)
  • Star Wars LCG: Renaud Lecoutre (4153)
  • Thunderstone Advance: Beni Megido (9523)
  • Eminent Domain: Jean Lapeyrere (2333), Renaud Lecoutre (4153)

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