D3 Club Rules

  • last update 06-2013
  • 5 PARTNERSHIP WITH VIDEO CLUB (started june09)


Members are entitled to borrow games from the Games Exchange Library, and to discounts in the Division’s tournaments and activities, including the rental of equipment.

Membership also entitles the member’s partner and family to borrow games and participate in the Division’s activities. However, multiple individuals benefitting from a single membership shall be considered as one person for all intents and purposes: the regular borrowing limits apply, and only the “main” member is entitled to discounts at e.g. tournaments.


Only members of the Digital Dice Division may borrow games from the Games Exchange Library (GXL).

Borrowing games is, and shall remain, free of charge.

Games are labelled as belonging to D3, or to one of its members. Games belonging to the Division may be requested in written to the Gamesmaster, or picked up in his office. Requests for games owned by a member must be sent directly to that person.

Games are divided among three categories (A, B and C) according to their platform, value and availability. The category of each game will be assigned by the Gamesmaster upon its inclusion in the GXL, and may be revised later at his or her sole discretion.

Borrowing is normally for a period of one week for A-category games, or two weeks for B- and C-category games. This period may be extended by an extra week with the approval of the Gamesmaster, but only if there are no other requests for those games.

Each member may only borrow up to one A-category game, two B-category games, and three C-category games at any one time. These games must be returned before more can be borrowed.

In addition to the allowance above, a further three games may be borrowed when renting a console. These extra games may be of any category, as long as they are for the console being rented. They must be returned together with the console. Note that this is the only way in which a non-member may borrow games.

The late return of a game will be penalised:

  • In all cases, members may not borrow any games (regardless of category) until they return all overdue items.
  • In serious cases, the Gamesmaster may impose a one-month ban on borrowing in addition to the above.
  • In exceptional cases, the Division Committee may impose an indefinite ban, or expulsion.


Both members and non-members may rent out consoles made available by the Digital Dice Division; members receive a substantial discount.

The cost of the rental depends on the type of console and rental period:

              Rental Price (Members)
              Weekend       Full Week
WiiU          €20 (€10)     €30 (€20)
XBOX One      €20 (€10)     €30 (€20)
PS4           €20 (€10)     €30 (€20)
Nintendo 3DS  €10 (€5)      €15 (€10)

Non-members must make a deposit of 50€ when renting any console. It will be refunded upon the return of the console.

Rental period:

  • When renting a console for the weekend, it must be picked up from the Division’s stores after 12:00 on the last working day of the week, and returned before 12:00 on the first working day of the following week. Otherwise, the full week rate will apply.
  • When renting a console for a full week, it must be picked up after 12:00 on the first working day of the week, and returned before 12:00 on the first working day of the following week.
  • The rental period may normally be extended at will, at the same weekly rate. The Gamesmaster may set a limit date for the return of the equipment under some circumstances, for example if the console is needed for an event or tournament.

Included equipment:

  • Console
  • Audio/Video cables ( available depending on system)
  • Two controllers
  • Up to three games, to be chosen freely from the GXL


Borrowers and Renters are fully responsible for the consoles/games/equipment they take from the club and are entitled to reimburse for lost/damaged items.


Starting June 2009, Members of D3 are allowed to borrow the PS3 of the Video Club and Blue Ray Movies as if they were member of the Video Club (contact Pierre Lavéant or Pierre Vadot).

Rental prices:

  • PS3 alone: 12.50€/Weekend and 25€/week
  • PS3 + Beamer full HD + Screen: 50€/weekend and 100€/week
  • PS3 + Beamer full HD + Screen + Sound Home Cinema 5.1 (Cabasse): 60€/weekend and 120€/week.

In exchange, members of the Video Club are allowed to borrow PS3 games as if they were members of D3.

Borrowing games is, and shall remain, free of charge.

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