Hall of Fame

The club thanks all people who have ever participated in any of our tournaments and wishes them many more years to enjoy our hobby together.

For each tournament you will find the name of the winner and in brackets the names of the finalists.

Stone Age 2012 : José Luis Meseguer (Daniel Kazaniecki, Mark Jones)

King of Tokyo 2012 : Antonio Espuch (Thibaut Gagin, Guilhem Moulara, Mark Jones)

Dominion 2012 : Daniel Kazaniecki (José Luis Meseguer, David Dominguez)

7 Wonders 2011 : José Luis Meseguer (Thibaut Gagin, Daniel Kazaniecki, Mark Jones, Renaud Lecoutre)

Thurn & Taxis 2009 : Renaud Lecoutre (Daniel Kazaniecki, Jesús Jiménez)

Dominion 2009 : Daniel Kazaniecki (Christian Gruss)

Race for the Galaxy 2008 : José Luis Meseguer (Thibaut Gagin, Daniel Kazaniecki, Chantal Leherte)

Kardinaal & Koning 2008 : Daniel Kazaniecki (Jesús Jiménez, Reinier Jansen)

Ticket to Ride 2007 : Daniel Kazaniecki (Arnaud Labre, David Bax, José Luis Meseguer)

Goa 2007 : José Luis Meseguer (Daniel Kazaniecki, Jean Lapeyrere)

Saint Petersburg 2006 : Daniel Kazaniecki (Jesús Jiménez, Chantal Leherte, Thibaut Gagin)

Puerto Rico 2006 : Daniel Kazaniecki (Laura de Marcos, Marcos de la Torre, José Luis Meseguer)

Ra 2006 : Jesús Jiménez (Thibaut Gagin, Marc Dieben, José Luis Meseguer, Chantal Leherte)

Tigris & Euphrates 2006 : Mark Jones (Marc Dieben, Ciro Pernice, José Luis Meseguer)

Settlers of Catan 2005 : Marc Dieben (Chantal Leherte, Marcos de la Torre, Ronald Popma)

Puerto Rico 2005 : José Luis Meseguer (Marcos de la Torre, Jean Lapeyrere, Jesús Jiménez)

El Grande 2004 : José Luis Meseguer (Jesús Jiménez, Levent Inceisa, Luigi Petrucci, Mark Jones)

Carcassonne 2004 :  Jesús Jiménez (Jean Lapeyrere, Chantal Leherte, José Luis Serrano, Marcos de la Torre)

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