Our Section for Kids.

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In the club we have several games specifically designed for Kids as young as two years of age. As a member of the Kid’s section or a full member of the Loaded Dice, you can borrow those games to play at home.
Please check our Kid’s Ludotheek to see our collection.
We also have some single-player puzzle games from SmartGames, like Anti-Virus, Penguins on Ice, Titanic, City Maze and Vikings Brainstorm.

Games Borrow Rules

As a full member of the Loaded Dice you will have physical access to the key for the cupboard with the Kid’s games, therefore you’ll be able to borrow the games yourself. As a member of the Kid’s section you will not have physical access to this key and you will need to contact one of the person listed below.

In any case, there are rules to follow though:

  1. When you borrow a game,  your data must be entered in the register notebook. The notebook for the games for kids is inside of the corresponding cupboard (labelled with the Kid’s Club logo). If you cannot find the notebook, please contact one of the persons listed below, but do not borrow a game without registering. Filling in the borrowing data is quite simple as you will see from the entries already on the notebook.
  2. Please be sensible and bring back the game within a reasonable period of time. We have no fixed time limit, but keeping the game longer than 2-3 weeks is obviously not reasonable. We’ll try to make regular checks and send reminders if we see that a game has not been returned after 1 month.
  3. In case that a tournament or another event is organized, the games to be used in the activity cannot be borrowed for the duration of the tournament or event.

Contact Persons

  • Renaud Lecoutre (4153)
  • Beni Megido (9523)
  • Jean Lapeyrere (2333)

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