Board Games

Our Ludotheek 

The club has been collecting games since its creation so that we currently own about 300 games. We organize game auctions every 2-3 years in order to free some space to be able to buy new games.

Please take a look at our Ludotheek to see what we have. For kids game it is here Kid’s Ludotheek.

Games Borrow Rules

As a member, you’ll be able to borrow games to play at home. There are the rules to follow though:

  1. When you borrow a game, you must fill in your data in the register notebook. The notebook for the games for kids is inside of the corresponding cupboard (labelled with the Kid’s Club logo), whereas the notebook for the other games is on the shelf at the entrance to the Hobby Room. If you cannot find the notebook(s), please ask another member, but do not borrow a game without registering. Filling in your data is quite simple as you will see from the entries already on the notebook.
  2. Games that are being used in a tournament or any other event cannot be borrowed for the duration of the activity.
  3. Please be sensible and bring back the game as soon as possible. We have no fixed time limit, but keeping the game longer than 2-3 weeks is obviously not reasonable. We’ll try to make regular checks and send reminders if we see that a game has not been returned after 1 month.

Contact Persons

Depending on the type of games you enjoy most, you may contact the following people, so that they can introduce you other persons interested in the same type of games:

  • General boardgames: David Domínguez (9855), Renaud Lecoutre (4153)
  • Eurogames: Daniel Kazaniecki (4973), Jean Lapeyrere (2333)
  • Ameritrash: José Luis Meseguer (3312)
  • Wargames: Jean Lapeyrere (2333), José Luis Meseguer (3312), Ciro Pernice (3084)
  • Kid’s games: Renaud Lecoutre (4153), Beni Megido (9523)

6 responses to “Board Games

  1. I was wondering if anyone is interested in starting a more regular card/board/RPG game session (maybe once a week). I am willing to try and join anyone else who might also be interested. Is there anything like that going on at the moment?anything currently available?

  2. We have the room on Tuesday and Friday evenings. There’s an RPG campaign going on on Tuesdays at the moment but it should finish in a couple of weeks and there are no particular plans after that. There’s also no reason why people couldn’t play boardgames at the same time. In any case, I’d be up for playing most Fridays after work.

  3. What could I do to start a board/car/tabletop game going for instance on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening? I am wondering who else might be interested in joining and how to get the message across. I am open to any type of possibilities.

    • Best way is probably to send an e-mail to DHGAMES. Or to me directly (msainzmartinez) and I can pass it on to “the usual suspects”.

      On Wed and Thu evenings our room is occupied by enemy troops, but alternative venues can generally be arranged. I’d be up for playing anything this Friday at 5pm, I’ll poke around and see who else is available.

  4. I’ll probably be able to join this Friday for a game, but it will have to be after 19… I will talk with Mario during the week and you can also send an email to me (Meseguer).

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