Two-player games – Thematic Evening

Open thematic evening for everyone (members and non-members) around Two-player games.

On Friday 19th and Tuesday 23rd of April from 1715 onwards the Hobby room will be open to explain, demonstrate and play games which are either exclusive for two players only or which can be played well with two players.

The focus is on games with more or less simple mechanics and short playing times; Star Wars: The Card Game  is a good example of the intended games, whereas Android: Netrunner it is not.

I compiled the following list of possible games to have available on those dates, some are non-club games from my private collection, the rest are, obviously, from the club collection. I will appreciate that the games from the club needed for this event are not borrowed on those dates as indicated on the current rules for borrowing games.

Any suggestion concerning the event (such as other possible games) will be very welcomed as well as volunteers to be there and help.

List of games

ContactBeni Megido (9523)

9 responses to “Two-player games – Thematic Evening

  1. As suggested I removed Twilight Struggle from the list. I was not aware it was so complicated game. Thanks for the feedback and, please, pass by to discuss some games with the eventual attendees 🙂 🙂

  2. Beni, another good game for this list is The Lord of the Rings: LCG. It’s a cooperative card game, and the advantage of cooperative games is that an experienced player can help a non-experienced one, so that learning the game is easier. We have it at the club.

  3. What TtR is doing on the list is also a mystery to me, it’s just another of those 2-5 player games that aren’t really that much fun unless you’re at least 4.

  4. @Daniel: Ticket to Ride was recommended to me as a two players game. I cannot recall last time I played it or even if I played it, so was not aware of this fact. I will remove it from the list then. Thanks

    • Beni, the most obvious ommision on your list is Ingenious aka Einfach Genial. It’s one of the very few abstract games that plays best with 2 players (just check some geeklists on BGG). It’s easy, quick, kinda cute, and deep too.

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