Games we bought in 2012

As our old website was not so well updated before, you could have overlooked the games we purchased during the year 2012.

So here is the list :

7 Wonders: Cities

Alcatraz the Scapegoat + expansion Maximum Security

Android Netrunner

Atlantis Rising 

Battles of Westeros

Battleship Galaxies

Blood Bowl Team Manager, the Card Game



Dominion Cornucopia

Earth Reborn

Eclipse + expansion Rise of the Ancients


K2: Broad Peak

Kingdom Builder and Expansion Nomads

Last Will

Le Havre

Lord of the Rings, the Card Game +  6 Gollum Hunt expansions

Mage Knight

Mage Wars


Quarriors !

Space Cadets


Summoner Wars, Master Set


Tzolkin Mayan Calendar


VivaJava : The Coffee game

Western Town + expansion

Wiraqocha expansion The Way of the Feathered Serpent

Yggdrasil + expansion Asgard

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