Open Gaming Tuesdays In August

Open Gaming evening for everyone (members and non-members) from 1715 onwards each Tuesday in August.

The Amicale Games Club has an extensive Ludothek with around 300 games:

  • for any number of players (from solo or two-player games up to party games for more than 6 – 8 players),
  • with different degrees of complexity,
  • based on different thematic (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvell Comics, historical, economic, etc.),
  • with playing times from less than 45 min up to several hours,
  • for all ages (from two years old onwards) [there is a special section of the club dedicated exclusively to games for kids].

If you want to:

  • know more,
  • see a demonstration,
  • play some game, or
  • satisfy your curiosity

Then, come to the Hobby Room (ground floor of the Sports centre, just after the squash courts), from 17:15 onwards any Tuesday in August.

For more info you can contact:

  • Beni Megido (9523)
  • Jose Luis Meseguer (3312)

2 responses to “Open Gaming Tuesdays In August

  1. Nice, we’ll try and find interesting games every week, but we are flexible if someone wants to try a specific game.

  2. One of the evenings, I’ll present the new Star Wars RPG game: Edge of the Empire. The presentation will take the form of a 3-hours long scenario with pre-generated characters. If you want to take part in the scenario, please let me know so that I can take you into account when deciding which Tuesday to choose for this event.

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