Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG Beginner’s game

This Tuesday 13 August at Lunch (12:30-14:00) and Afternoon (16:45-19:00) time, JL (3312) will run a Beginner’s game for the new Star Wars RPG.


Edge of the Empire is the new RPG for the Star Wars setting. It uses an evolution of the innovative narrative dice mechanics developed for Warhammer Fantasy. The presentation will take place in two time slots on Tuesday 13th August:

  • Lunch: we’ll have lunch together, then go to the Hobby Room to distribute the pre-generated characters and start the scenario. 12h:30-14:00 in the Hobby Room (lunch at 12:00).
  • Evening: we’ll go on and probably finish the scenario, as it’s a short one meant to learn the basic mechanics of the game. 16:45-19:00 in the Hobby Room.

There are still some slots available, so please contact me (JL; 3312) if you want to take part in the game. Yo don’t need any previous experience with RPGs and you probably know the basics of Star Wars, so that should be enough.

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