Blood Bowl Team Manager League

The Games Club is proud to organise a special Tournament of Blood Bowl Team Manager.

Team Manager Sudden Death

League score
This will be updated as the League progresses.



Wood Elves




Dark Elves




Antonio  47  34


Beni  31
David  45


 55  132
Jean  48  26 84


 37  74
Luis  33  33
Renaud  43  48  41  132

Games Played so far

  1. JL (Dwarfs) 37; David (Orcs) 32; Antonio (Dark Elves) 31
  2. Jean (Dwarfs) 48+cards; Renaud (Chaos) 48; Beni (Humans) 31
  3. David (Skaven) 55; Antonio (Dwarf) 47; Renaud (Dark Elves) 41
  4. JL (Undead) 37; Antonio (Wood Elves) 34; Jean (Vampires) 26
  5. David (Humans) 45; Renaud (Dwarfs) 43; Luis (Wood Elves) 33

How to register
If you want to participate, please send an e-mail to the organiser (JL Meseguer; extension 3312). The maximum number of participants will be 9, so if you want to participate, be sure to register the first!

The fee will be 3€ for members of the Games Club and 5€ for non-members. The prize will be the reimbursement of the TLD fee (15€) or a game related to Blood Bowl (the actual Team Manager game, a mini… you choose, as long as the total cost is not much more than 25€).

If you know of someone who would be interested in playing but is not a member of the Games Club or has not yet participated in any of our tournaments, please feel free to forward further them this link.

Demo Games
If you want to try Blood Bowl Team Manager before registering, please inform the organiser so some demo games can be organised.
If you have any questions about the tournament, just send an e-mail to the organiser.


We are 8 participants at the moment:

  • Antonio Espuch (favourite team?)
  • Beni Megido (favourite team?)
  • David Domínguez (favourite team?)
  • Jean Lapeyrere (favourite team?)
  • José Luis Meseguer. Favourite original Blood Bowl team: Halflings
  • Luis Antonio Faymann. Favourite original Blood Bowl team: Dwarfs
  • Renaud Lecoutre (favourite team?)
  • Thibaut Gagin (favourite team?)

Tournament Rules
The tournament will have a League format featuring 3-player games.

  1.   Every participant should play at least 1 and no more than 3 games per month.
  2.  A participant cannot play an nth game with the same other participant if he has not played at least n-2 games with anybody else.
  3. The months to play are: September, October, November, December+January, February, March, April+May, June.
  4. This means that each player should play a minimum of 8 games and a maximum of 24 games.
  5. The month limitation is just an indication, and is there to remind people that there’s a certain number of games the participants have to play.
  6. The League result will be announced at the end of June 2014, and we’ll decide whether we want to play a second league.

For calculating the final League score and deciding the winner of the tournament, each player will add the maximum Fan Rating obtained for each of the 9 different teams.

The 9 different teams are:

  • Old World Association (OWA): Reikland Reavers (Humans), Grudgebearers (Dwarfs), Athelorn Avengers (Wood Elves).
  • Chaos Wastes Confederation (CWC): Skavenblight Scramblers (Skaven), Gouged Eye (Orcs), Chaos All-Stars (Chaos).
  • Dark Sorcery Syndicate (DSS): Naggaroth Nightmares (Dark Elves), Champions of Deat (Undead), Black Fangs (Vampires).

In practical terms this means that if you have played four games with the Reikland Reavers during the League obtaining 20, 25, 27 and 30 points, you will add 30 points to your final score. You will do the same with the other 8 teams.

A tally will be also kept of the victories of each participant in a game, and a special minor price will be given to the participant with the highest number of victories.

Rules for each game

  1. Each game will be played using the Sudden Death Expansion rules, together with the main rules and the FAQ.
  2. The rules and some videos can be downloaded here:
  3. Each player is expected to read the rules and FAQ and/or watch the videos and know how to play the game.
  4. The optional rules for Enchanted Ball Tokens may be used if all players agree at the beginning of a match.
  5. At the beginning of each game, each player will secretly write down the three teams with which he wants to play that game and the order.
  6. They will simultaneously reveal their preferred teams for that match and distribute the teams accordingly. Example: I could write in a paper: 1st Humans, 2nd Skaven, 3rd Dark Elves.
  7. In case of 2+ participants choosing the same team in the same priority slot, the team will be awarded to the participant who has played less times with that team.
  8. In case there is still a tie, the participants will roll dice to randomly decide who gets to play with their priority team.

Things that could go wrong
– What happens if someone decides he no longer wants to play or is not playing enough games so that everybody can keep playing?
Solution a: we can invite another player to continue with his score or to “help” him playing some games for him…
Solution b: for this particular participant, we can relax the limitations on how many games to play with all other players before playing an nth time with somebody else.

– In case of a rules discussion during a game, there can be a voting procedure among the players of that game (and other tournament participants if they are in the area) to decide how to interpret a rule, and later will be discussed among the tournament participants to decide on a final ruling.

7 responses to “Blood Bowl Team Manager League

  1. First game of the tournament!
    JL (Dwarfs) 37 David (Orcs) 32 Antonio (Dark Elves) 31

    The Dwarfs got a big advantage in the turn before the last when they won two complete games (one of them with one Longbeard down on the ground) after all opponents’ players were ejected from the matchups!

  2. A second piece of news is that we’ll have an 8th player in the league: Luis Faymann! Please add him to any emails you sent to organize games.

  3. This game was a low scoring one, with several cards having payout only for the winner and not many options to score a lot of fan points. Still, as usual, the game was lots of fun!
    JL (Undead): 37
    Antonio (Wood Elves) 34
    Jean (Vampires) 26

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