Update: D3 video games auction

The video games club auction is now closed !!!

I would like to thank all the participants. The winners will receive a confirmation email will all the necessary details.

Thanks to the results, we will have a PS4 and a Xbox One next year!

The auction is now closed.

The Auction will be open until friday 13th of december 2013 16h00 (Authentication needed).

You will find there games and consoles owned by the club that are auctioned in order to make room for the next generation consoles and games that the club plans to purchase (Ps4 and Xbox one).

Auctioned Item listCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCS (PDF)

Very important features to emphasize:
1) the bid entered will be immediately displayed at its full value (the system will not be like ebay where it automatically upgrades your bid till the value entered)
2) automatic emails will be sent to confirm bids and to warn in case of someone overbidding you, but not for the last hour of the auction (to prevent the risk of email flooding)!

Contact person: Thibaut ext. 3867

Do not hesitate to share this news to other gamers.

Happy bidding everybody!

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