BoardGames Auctions 2017

This year the Club will have again his almost annual BoardGames Auctions in November or December. Have a look at the pre-selection!

Dear gamers,

As agreed upon during our last AGM, we send you the list of games that have been chosen by our experts as suitable candidates to be auctioned in November/December 2017.

We offer you this list early, so that you have the chance to play these games before they leave the club.

Also, we will pardon 10 of these games, and your feedback will be considered by our experts when deciding which games to pardon.

Please, try as many of these games as you can and send us your thoughts if any (whether you want a game to be removed from the auction or not).

Here is the list of games that will perhaps be auctioned :

Blood Bowl Team Manager The Card Game and expansion Sudden Death

Defenders of the Realm

Dungeon Twister and expansions 3/4 players and Paladins & Dragons

Elder Sign

Escape : The Curse of the Temple

Einfach Genial




Ice Flow




Lord of the Rings Miniatures

Nexus Ops




Souvlaki Wars

Space cadets : Dice Duel


Warlord : Saga of the Storm

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