Blood Bowl Team Manager League

The Games Club is proud to organise a special Tournament of Blood Bowl Team Manager.

Team Manager Sudden Death

Tournament Info
The Tournament will be played as a Sports League. It will run from early September 2013 until early June 2014.

Expect to play 1-3 3-player (or 4-player) games per month (consider December-January as one month for the purposes of planning). The actual rules of the League will be sent to the participants on 16th August, so that we have 15 days to discuss changes if needed.

The fee will be 3€ for members of the Games Club and 5€ for non-members. The prize will be the reimbursement of the TLD fee (15€) or a game related to Blood Bowl (the actual Team Manager game, a mini… you choose, as long as the total cost is not much more than 25€).

How to register
If you want to participate, please send an e-mail to the organiser (JL Meseguer; extension 3312) before 20th August 2013. The maximum number of participants will be 9, so if you want to participate, be sure to register the first!

You will receive further details before the start of the tournament. If you know of someone who would be interested in playing but is not a member of the Games Club or has not yet participated in any of our tournaments, please feel free to forward further this email.

Demo Games
If you want to try Blood Bowl Team Manager before registering, please inform the organiser so some demo games can be organised.
If you have any questions about the tournament, just send an e-mail to the organiser.

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