Casual Gamer Friday (21st June)

Today, Friday, some members of the club will meet at the Hobby Room for a gaming evening.  Just come along, play any game you like and survive the Dutch summer!

Casual Gamer Nights

Casual Gamer Nights are perfect for casual gamers who want to just pass by and join any currently popular game. You can also propose a particular game from your private collection: just bring it along and be prepared to explain it to those attending.

preparing for an exciting Formula DE race

Preparing for an exciting Formula DE race

The Venue

We’ll meet at the Hobby Room. It is in the ground floor of the Sports Center, just after the squash courts. Today we want to finish early, so gaming will start at 17h. Please be at the Hobby Room a bit earlier if you can!

Already Planned Games

There is no game planned for this evening, though we’ll probably try an Euro game.

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