Essen 2013 shopping made by our experts

Have a view at which games were bought by the Club during the Essen Fair.

Essen 2013 is now over and more than 800 new games were presented. The club has sent his emissaries to the fair and here is the loot they’ve brought back:

Firefly the board game :a thematic game from the tv-show; José Luis knows the rules

Level 7 : Omega protocol : a Descent like game set in the future; José Luis knows the rules

Flash Point and expansion Extreme Danger : a cooperative game about fire fighting and saving lives; José Luis knows the rules

Coal Baron : getting rich in the coal mines

Amerigo : a game from Stefan Feld; Renaud knows the rules

Lewis & Clark : a gamer game with worker placement

Koryo : a majority game with cards; Renaud knows the rules

Romolo o Remo ? : a mix of economic, exploration and conquest with very open turn structure; Jean knows the rules

Rockwell : digging the earth, be the first to reach the center; worker placement with a lot of interaction; Jean and Renaud know the rules

Origin : a beautiful family game about humanity spreading from Africa over the world; Jean knows the rules

Glass Road : a production game from the master Uwe Rosenberg with the product conversion wheel

Hexus : a fun and simple strategy game; David knows the rules

Eclipse : Ship Pack One : expansion for Eclipse; now the Hydrans ships are really different from the Eridani

Nations : a civilization game playable in 3 hours with 4 players; Ciro, José Luis, Jean and Renaud know the rules

– The Resistance : a game  of social deduction for 5 to 10 players

Lancaster : an area control, auction bidding game; Ciro knows the rules

Wooolf!! : a fast playing deduction card game for 4 to 8 players; Ciro knows the rules

Presentations of the games will be organized during the coming months but feel free to ask for specific games.

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