AGM on February 28th, 13h20 in the Hobby Room

Dear Members,


The time has come for the Games Club’s Annual General Meeting, budget year 2017.


The AGM of the Loaded Dice will be held on:

Wednesday February 28th at 13h20, at the Hobby Room (Ground floor Sports Center, past the squash courts).


The agenda for this meeting shall contain, amongst other items:

  • annual report of activities,
  • annual report from the Treasurer,
  • setting of the membership fee,
  • call for candidates for the 2017 Committee,
  • election of the Committee,
  • election of Auditors,
  • any other business.


During the meeting we’ll discuss at least these two important topics:


  1. 1. Fees (talking only about the boardgames section).

We are going to get less money from Amicale in the following years (we already received less this year). I think this time there are good arguments for keeping the fees as they are or increasing them by 5€. The arguments I can think of for both cases are:

1a. Keeping them as they are: we already have a lot of games and have been auctioning some. Buying less games per year should not be a problem.

1b. Increasing the fee by 5€ (i.e., buying about 2500-300€ worth of extra games per year) allows us to have more  options for everybody and compensate the inevitable “lemon game”.


Do you have any preference for maintaining or increasing the fees? If so, please let me know your vote before 28th February or come to the meeting to explain your position.



  1. Events. I’ll still try to organize 3-4 “party game lunches” this year (one per season), but remember that, as members, you can also organize events; they can be as small as trying to find people to play a certain game or run a bigger event. If you need the members’ list you can contact me. If you need some funds for an event, let the Committee know and we’ll try to help you and see what’s possible.




You can find attached in this email the minutes from our previous AGM and the 2017 provisional (until the Auditors approve it) financial summary.



This AGM elects the Committee for 2018. If you would like to become active in or for the Committee (besides functions like treasurer and/or secretary, there is always a need for extra hands), please make your availability known to DHGAMES a.s.a.p.


We hope to see you all at the AGM.

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