Through The Ages League

Last year we started our first Through The Ages league. Here are the results.

It’a also time to register for our second league starting just after the summer.

So first if you would like to participate to our second league, please create an account to the fabulous website :

This second league will be divided between a 2-player league, a 3-player league and a 4-player league.

So let know Renaud (4153) if you are interested in participating.


And now the results of the first league.

The winner is Daniel also known as Daniel Kickass. Congrats to him.

They were 4 participants: Daniel, Jean, José Luis and Renaud.

Concerning the two player games, everyone plays against each other twice and Daniel wins 5 games, José Luis 4, Renaud 2 and Jean 1.

Concerning the three player games, every combination of players was played twice and Daniel wins 3 games, Renaud 3, and José Luis 2.

Concerning the four player games, 2 games were played and Daniel wins both games.

2 responses to “Through The Ages League

  1. Renaud, I have some friends from Spain that are interested in the League (I mentioned it to them and they showed some interest). May I let them know (they are 1-3 gamers) or would that be too much of an organization nightmare for you?

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