Live BoardGames Auctions 2017 on 10th July at 12:30 : CANCELLED!!!!!!!

In place of an auction, we declare open the never ending exchange/sales market!

In case you would like to sell some (maximum two) boardgames of your personal collection, this is your opportunity.

If you are looking for something specific, this is also the place to put your advertisement!

To do so please send an email to Renaud with the name of the game, the version (you can find it on boardgamegeek) and the price you intend to sell/buy it.

I will keep this news updated as often as possible.

Here is the list of games that are for sale :

Batavia – Multilingual 2008 – Ciro : 5 €

League of Six – English Edition 2008 – Renaud  : 5 €

– Level 7, Omega Protocol – English edition 2013, still wrapped – José : 40€

Moderne Zeiten – German 2002 – Ciro : 5 €

– Santiago de Cuba – English edition 2011, still wrapped – José : 15€



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